About Us

Your best-in-class behavioral health solution.

Claremont is an industry-leading behavioral health partner recognized for innovative EAP, work/life, wellness and organizational assistance services Digital, synchronous and asynchronous, video, in-person and telephonic services. Claremont provides value-driven benefits through multiple modalities, focusing on proactive prevention, early intervention and practical resolution of workplace employee challenges. The result is a suite of comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated programs that enhance employee resilience, strengthen competitive benefit packages, improve individual and organizational performance, solve human resource risk management problems, and lower health care costs.

Headquartered in Alameda, California, Claremont was founded in 1991 by Tom Bjornson, a pioneer of the EAP field and cofounder of the three national EAPs on the market today. We partner with and serve high tech companies, pharmaceutical clients, union groups, public sector agencies, law firms, non-profit agencies, manufacturing companies, and virtually every type of employer – ranging in size from 5 employees to over 20,000.

In 2020, Claremont was acquired by Uprise Health (formerly IBH Population Health Solutions), a nationwide leader in behavioral and population health. 

Claremont is a comprehensive behavioral health benefits solution with a commitment and track record of doing “whatever it takes” to meet our customers’ needs.


    • Multiple clinical delivery technologies
    • Experienced clinical team
    • Top-notch provider panel
    • High engagement of account service
    • Demonstrated commitment to cultural competency of all customers
    • Unrivaled outreach, education and utilization of services