Short-Term Counseling

Claremont EAP provides you and your family members with confidential, in-person, short-term counseling services that are fully paid for by your employer. If preferred, we have counselors that work with you online using our secure video conference platform.

Counselors Can Help with:

    • Marital/Relationship Issues
    • Substance Use and Abuse
    • Stress and Trauma
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Parent/Child Conflicts
    • Domestic Violence
    • Other Personal Issue

When you call Claremont, you or your family member will speak with an experienced counselor who will ask for some identifying information as well as a general description of the situation or problem. It is important that you provide the counselor on the telephone with some detail regarding your concerns and preferences so that the counselor can refer you to a provider with the experience to best meet your needs.

You will receive the name and number of a licensed counselor.  It is your responsibility to call the counselor and schedule your initial appointment. We will notify the provider first so he/she will expect your call.  There is no paperwork, claim forms or fees. This is an easy, no cost service to help address a range of personal and professional issues.

To access the counseling benefit or other EAP services, please contact Claremont at 800-834-3773.