Testimonials from Brokers

Claremont EAP delivers a personal touch to employee benefit programs. It is great to do business with firms that “get it”! Their entire staff is willing to step outside the box to meet the needs of employers and employees. The account managers are real assets as they work effectively to resolve issues, deliver educational meetings and keep employers and employees in tune with the benefits of having and using an EAP program. Claremont does a great job for our clients on a consistent basis. Thanks for the partnership!

Fredi Foye-Helms
Vice President, Jenkins Insurance Group

We have worked with Claremont for almost 15 years and they are the EAP we trust with our own employees.

Matt Sitzmann
CEO, Sitzmann Morris & Lavis, Inc.

Claremont is always responsive and accommodating to our requests. They always find a way to meet our objectives even on short notice. I find their representatives very knowledgeable and their employee presentations educational. The product they have created is the best in class. I highly recommend Claremont.

Gregory W. Dobson
Senior Vice President, Suhr Risk Services of California

Claremont EAP has been a valuable partner for me and my clients. They think ahead, are accessible and collaborate very well with other plan providers/vendors. And they produce results! For every client that has selected Claremont as their EAP, utilization and engagement measurements have improved significantly. Participants cite the time that Claremont EAP personnel spend with them as a key element in their personal improvement. Claremont EAP integrates well with behavioral health and systematically takes other important steps to provide the participant with full service and direct them to the right place within the EAP and within all offerings of the client’s health plan.

Joseph A. Van Orsdel
Consultant. Rael & Letson Consultants and Actuaries