Brokers & Prospects

A Best-in-Class Solution

We believe brokers/consultants are key partners in establishing an effective EAP program. We partner with and serve high tech companies, pharmaceutical clients, union groups, public sector agencies, law firms, non-profit agencies, manufacturing companies, and virtually every type of employer – ranging in size from 5 employees to over 20,000.  We would be thrilled to partner with you to provide customized services that increase individual and organizational wellbeing and productivity for your valued clients.

Claremont is a comprehensive behavioral health benefits solution with a commitment and track record of doing “whatever it takes” to meet our customers’ needs.  

    • Multiple clinical delivery technologies
    • Experienced clinical team
    • Top-notch provider panel
    • High engagement of account service
    • Commitment to cultural competency of all customers
    • Unrivaled outreach, education and utilization

Claremont EAP: A Quick Take Video

Introducing Claremont EAP in 90-seconds.