Why Claremont


We offer a full range of Employee Assistance services, including counseling, work/life, consultation, and training.


We work closely with HR and other stakeholders to develop promotional materials, procedures and programs to meet each organization’s unique needs.


Claremont’s approach tends to result in higher utilization and we believe a higher return on investment.

Worksite Focus

The EAP industry has undergone significant changes in the 25 plus years Claremont has been in business. One thing that has NOT changed is our focus on worksite services. We maintain a focus on integrating our services into the day-to-day management / HR practices of our customers.


Claremont was founded in 1990 and has long-standing relationships with many of our employer groups. Our founder was a pioneer in the field and the senior management staff have been with the company for over two decades. Many of our frontline intake staff have also been with us for many years.