Digital EAP

Not all Claremont clients are enrolled in the digital program. This is an optional upgrade.


If you are a current member and would like to check if you have the digital program, please reach out to your HR team to learn more about available Claremont services.

HR Team

If you are part of an HR team working with Claremont and have questions about the digital program, please reach out directly to your Claremont Client Success Manager.

Self-Guided and Coach-Guided Mental Health

Claremont offers an enhanced service that is available for an additional fee that provides a digital platform for employees to access self-guide mental health courses and also provides an option to schedule coaching sessions. This engaging, easy-to-use mobile app and web-based platform utilizes AI-learning to direct users to the most appropriate level of care and prevent employees from reaching a crisis point.

Members have multiple options for accessing the Uprise Health, visit the platform on desktop or download the app from GooglePlay or the Apple App Store.

How it Works

Upon logging into the platform, members are prompted to take the Wellbeing Check, a 2-minute interactive assessment that is based on clinically validated protocols. The Wellbeing Check enables us to quickly evaluate and stratify members to ensure they receive the right level of care. It also allows us to provide accurate analysis and reporting on the stress and wellbeing levels of employees.

Our platform features structured courses that are based on cognitive behavioral therapy interventions and are specifically curated to each user’s needs. Members can guide themselves through their recommended curriculum of courses or they can work through the program with one of our expert coaches.

Mental Health Skill Building

The platform features a full library of more than 40 courses, covering topics such as:

Alcohol & Addictions: Getting started, testing yourself, mindfulness skills, motivation and getting help, and staying on track

Better Sleep: Basics of sleep, relaxation, and mindfulness for better sleep

Coronavirus Anxiety: Addressing COVID-19 stress and tools to address anxiety around your health

Financial Mindset: Dealing with financial worries, mindfulness, and other stress management skills

Focus, Productivity & Procrastination: Developing a focus mindset, prioritization, multitasking and self-discipline, will power and life balance, and the Maker/Manager model

Manager Training: Starting conversations, reflective listening, and dealing with troubled employees

Mindfulness: Understanding mental threats and bringing awareness to the present

Mindset: Cognitive restructuring, finding core beliefs, dealing with stress and guilt

Pain and Fatigue: Techniques for pain/fatigue management, and dealing with worries that hold back recovery

These courses are available 24 hours a day to all employees, regardless of risk level or engagement in other Uprise Health services. Members identified as low-risk can access courses to self-manage their mental health and wellbeing, while coaches and EAP providers can use these courses to supplement and augment their treatment of moderate- and high-risk individuals.