In the Workplace

Many Human Resource directors are tasked with helping their employees share a more positive work culture within their place of business. Studies have shown that a positive workplace can lead to higher employee productivity and lower employee turnover.

Unsurprisingly, minimizing stress through positive thinking and using your imagination can help you increase positive emotions.  Greater Good Science Center contributor Tchiki Davis has identified three ways to use imagination at work in order to have a more positive workday:

    1. Start your day by imagining the best possible day.
    2.  Pause for an imagination break before new situations.
    3.  End your day by thinking of a better tomorrow

Here are some helpful resources on creating a positive workplace:

 Improve Team Cohesion in Your Workplace

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How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

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Removing Mental Health Misconceptions at Work

Misconceptions of what it means to have a mental illness in the workplace—including how it will affect their current roles, salary, job security, and workplace reputation—cause hesitation for employees and employers alike. Learn more about the common mental health misconceptions in the workplace, how they influence business and productivity, and how leaders can resolve misconceptions to create a positive work environment for employees.